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VIE Technology is one such company that though being commercially competitive is clear with their intentions of serving the common mass and making technology easily available to them with complete service and solutions. Most of the products like GSM Wireless Phone, Gsm Fixed wireless Phone, etc launched are for the betterment of people. Few of their revolutionary products under R & D are Bomb Detection System, Paperless Money, E-shopping and printable Mobile Phones. Going with their current market success and popularity, we are sure that the upcoming products will dominate the market as well. It is the same company that made its innovative Digital Menu patent and Introduced Tablets in India in the year 2008 itself. They also brought the windows Tab in the market.

This company deals in tabs, GSM Wireless Phone, Gsm Fixed wireless Phone and Android Phones that are highly competitive in the market and also manufactures phones that are well equipped with every feature and within budget of a minimum wage labour. The idea is to make technology available to everybody. VIE is one electronic company that deals only in innovative products. Look into our brochures, and you will be amused with the gizmos we create, the ones you could only think of. These Gizmos are GSM Landline, Laser `Measurement Device, Digital Menu to name a few. Innovative plus eco-friendly products are our unique selling proposition. Their sms printer is the revolution that cuts down on the paper usage drastically and it even saves call costs. Vie takes it as its social responsibility to respect our nature and believes in growing a green economy. VIE has earned its respect in the market mostly because of its dedicated team of Quality Controllers. Each and every product is manually tested before it is shipped. Zero complaints talk about our defect-free products and complete customer satisfaction. We are currently providing OEM to 14 brands and manufacture around 18,000 tabs per month in OEM. VIE has 450 plus service networks across India and provides service training to each one these networks.

What makes VIE Technology stand tall is its sole motive to uplift SMEs and help them create their brand value. VIE provides end-to-end support to all budding mobile companies and making to enable to import and get their innovative products manufactured. The story doesn't ends here. We even assist in increasing sales, building strategies, providing marketing support and in the overall growth of these companies. Our team provides solutions for the hurdles faced in import and sales and also takes care of the shipping and documentation issues, so that the SMEs can concentrate on their products and sales alone. It's a new trend VIE started, that is our business is to mind YOUR business.

VIE Technology Pvt. Ltd. is not just limited to electronics. Its sister concerns Aperture deals in Training and Management. The Sun Vitality Systems a software Development Company is just another our affiliated firm.

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