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Company Profile

VIE Technology Ltd. continues to meet the expectation of customers and have significant impact on the domain with extending our reach, and unravels great opportunities and riveting challenges. VIE Technology works is rich in experience & skill to capitalize on the complete potential of electronic technology. The concept & design of each and every series of products like Gsm Wireless Sms Printer is developed and engineered by an exclusive team of engineers through the employment of leading-edge electronic technology. Our Research & Development department, manned by distinguished electronic & communication engineers, is efficiently adept in developing patent and proprietary technology.

Our thriving commitments

  • To satisfactorily cater to the requirements & expectations of our customers.
  • To comply with international standards and inspire innovation.
  • To be sincere, honest and ethical in our dealing
  • Dedication for development and value, thereby winning trust and earning respect
  • To consistently ameliorate ourselves, our people, our product line & services to stand at the prominent position in the market places.
  • We guarantee an assurance to our people that we engineer more user-friendly and high-performance products.


To be a globally leading company by assuring right solutions of the products like Gsm Wireless Sms Printer, etc with best practices leveraged by technology & people.


To keep innovating new products with the sole aim to make people's life more comfortable by displacing the existing complicated technological products


Our workforce is the main asset to our business. Our proficient team is our resources & strength and takes unified direction to bring about innovation.  


We have developed a knowledge-networked work environment from where our experienced employees assure high quality technology solutions to the people. The-state-of-art infrastructure, VIE Technology developed with a vision to  optimize business operation and enhance production capacity and maximize the advantage of it.

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